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          Type:  Anodizing Sealing agent
          Model: FL-605
          • The product is used in the process of anodizing aluminum alloy .                               
          • It is composed of nickel metal salt, complexing agent, ash suppressant, buffer agent, dispersant, surfactant, etc.  
          • It is especially suitable for dyed aluminum alloys. Non-fading. Can provide aluminum surface hardness. High thermal and light resistance.
          • Low consumption and easy to control. 
          • Abide by Europe Union ROSH restrction.
          Appearance:Light Green Powder, acetic acid irritating odor
          Storage condition:The dye should be sealed up and stored in a dry place.
          Working condition: Concentration 5-7g/l
          PH 5.5-6.5
          Temperature 50-70
          Time 6-15min
          Water quality City water (Pure water is recommended)

          Bath make-up:
          • The product should be dissolved thoroughly before working.
          •  Dissolve the sealant fully (over 50℃) in an isolated container before pouring into the working fluid.  Then Stir the working fluid so that it is fully mixed and dissolved.
           Analytical testing:
          • Add 10 ml of 10% triethanolamine solution.
          • Add a small amount of ammonium urate indicator (1-2 g).
          • Titrate with 0.01 M EDTA to yellow to purplish red.
          •  Calculation: FL-608( g/l)= titrated ml ×0.331
          light resistance:Outstanding.
          Color fastness to heat:Outstanding. 
          Explanation:Continuous filtration is necessary during the process of using
          effluent disposal:It is explained in details in the Material safety information. Please contact us for enquiry if necessary.