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          Type:Acid degreasing agent
          • This product is widely used in the surface
          decontamination treatment of aluminum. Remove grease
          from aluminum surface. The natural oxide film can be removed quickly from aluminum surface.
          • Low consumption and easy to control.
          • Abide by Europe Union ROSH restrction.
          Appearance:Light yellow clear liquid, no irritating odor ,acid corrosive.
          Storage condition:The dye should be sealed up and stored in a dry place.
          Working condition: Concentration 5%
          acid value  2.7
          Temperature 10-35℃
          Time 3-15min
          Water quality City water

          Bath make-up:
           • when the reaction rate of tank liquid is too slow and the acid point is low , we need to add acid degreasing agent. Generally, cleaning each ton of aluminum consumes 2-3 kg of degreasing agent.
           • If any workpiece falls into working solution, pls cleaned up in time. Otherwise it will consume a lot of effective solution.
           Analytical testing:We can know the details about analysis in our  product specification
          • Please clean up the sundries at the bottom of the tank in time, which is beneficial to the extension of the life of the bath solution. Or replace the bath solution according to the actual situation.
          Effluent disposal:It is explained in details in the Material safety information. Please contact us for enquiry if necessary.