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          BLACK Y1013

          Type:  Acid Dye
          Model:  BLACK  Y1013
          This is the water-soluble acid dye applicable for anodizing absorptive dyeing. The dyed surface will turn to black. It can be only used indoors, offering the excellent fastness to heat. The color difference will be caused at pre- and post- sealing. It is necessary to add the anti-mildew agent to the new dye as they will be mildewed under some certain conditions.
          Appearance: Powder, no irritating odor 
          Storage condition:The dye should be sealed up and stored in a dry place.
          Working condition: Concentration 0.2~5 g/L
          pH 5.0~6.0
          Temperature 25~50°C
          Buffering agent Adding Dye Buffer PL-BS
          Water quality City water (Pure water is recommended)
          Anodizing sealant Anodizing sealant exclusively sold by Youjin is recommended.

          Bath make-up:
          • The product should be dissolved thoroughly before working.
          • Dissolving the dye with the hot water (over 80℃, dye:water =1:30) in an isolated container as the master solution and then pour it into water tank by stirring to make up dyeing bath to the suitable concentration.
          Color fastness to light:Good. The dye is applicable on the indoor products.
          Color fastness to heat:Outstanding.
          Explanation:Continuous filtration is necessary during the process of using.
          Disposal for waste dyeing solution:
          The waste dyeing solution can be precipitated by Dyeing Wastewater Precipitator PD, the guideline of which is explained in details in the technical information of Dyeing Wastewater Precipitator PD. Please contact us for enquiry if necessary.