Type: Magnesium Surface adjustment agent 
Model: FL-M06
This product can effectively clean the black ash on the surface of magnesium alloy ,which is produced afteracid pickling. The surface of magnesium alloy can be leveled, whiten. Better with ultrasonic cleaning.
Appearance:Colorless  liquid
Storage condition:The dye should be sealed up and stored in a dry place.
Working condition Concentration 10-20%
Total acidity  8.0-25.0
Temperature 20-40℃
Soak Time 30s-3min
Water quality City water

Bath make-up:
• PH or the total acidity of the solution should be detected regularly
• If PH value is higher than 2.5, or total acidity is lower than 8.0, FL-M06 should be added in time.
Analytical testing:We can know the details about analysis in our  product specification
Explanation:Continuous filtration is necessary during the process of using
effluent disposal:It is explained in details in the Material safety information. Please contact us for enquiry if necessary.