Type:  Magnesium acid pickling  agent
Model: FL-M03
This product can remove oxide and insoluble metal salt from magnesium alloy surface uniformly and quickly.The treated magnesium alloy surface will present a layer of gray-black floating ash, which can be effectively removed in subsequent ultrasonic washing.
Appearance:  Colorless or yellowish liquid
Storage condition:The dye should be sealed up and stored in a dry place.
Working condition: Concentration 5-10%
Total acidity  2.0-3.0
Temperature 35-65℃
Soak Time 30s-3min
Water quality City water

Bath make-up:
• The product should be dissolved thoroughly before working.
• PH or the total acidity  should be controlled.
• If PH value is higher than 2.5, or total acidity is lower than 5.0, FL-M03 should be added in time.
 Analytical testing:We can know the details about analysis in our  product specification
Explanation:Continuous filtration is necessary during the process of using
effluent disposal:It is explained in details in the Material safety information. Please contact us for enquiry if necessary.